Lakme India Style Week – An Audit

Lakme India Style Week – An Audit


India is turning into the most popular trend center for the fashionistas. Indian creators are never again restricted to the household style and clothing market, they are picking up acknowledgment and distinction from everywhere throughout the world. The different government arrangements and a blast in style industry have made it conceivable. One of the significant leap forward gave to Indian architects to exhibit their abilities are through the mechanism of design appears. Lakme India Style Show is the most well known design show festivity of India where the abilities of effectively settled and forthcoming creators are displayed.

This occasion is a design festivity bound with heaps of fabulousness and national just as global media inclusion. This time lakme India style week was held at Mumbai from 31st Oct-fourth Nov. Numerous prominent creators just as crowd saw this style holiday. Celebrated bollywood famous people were a piece of it.

Prominent originators like Surily Goel, Narendra Kumar, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Nalandda Bhandari, Nandita Mahtani, Anand Kabra, Abhishek Dutta , Wendrell Rodericks, Anupama Dayal, Vikram Phadnis, Chaitanya Rao, Sanchita, Savio Jon, Payal Singhal, Sanjay Malhotra, James Ferriera, Priyadarshini Rao, and so forth exhibited their spring/summer 2007 assortment. Likewise South African architect couple Sun Goddess and Clive Rundle exhibited their assortment.

Brief depictions of some planner’s inventive work are as per the following :-

Nalandda Bhandari

Nalandda Bhandari structures basic yet appealing and wearable assortment under the brand name ‘Nasha’. She named her spring/summer 2007 assortment ‘Free Soul’. She secured all examples and styles of contemporary ladies attire, dress examples like-tunics, kaftans, tube dress, skirts, shirts and consumed gold night outfit overwhelmed her show. She played with allure clad textures like chiffon, silk, georgette, voile, cotton and crepe. Her assortment was to a great extent governed by creature prints and weavings like African weaving, sequin weaving, and so on. She likewise exhibited her men assortment. She remembered her logo of rose weaving for pretty much every outfit.

Narendra Kumar

The renowned originator Narendra Kumar exhibited his spring/summer assortment 2007 at Lakme Style Week. The assortment was named as ‘Affection Contacts You’. He displayed an ideal mix of conventional and contemporary structuring combined wonderfully with one another. The ladies’ line of western assortment had smocked and creased skirts, expand skirt with shirt dress, half collars, knickers, chiffon with appliqué sleeves, and so forth which were made with the fashioner’s novel touch and enumerating. The favored textures by the planner were cotton, georgette, net, silk, reflect and cloth. The assortment was one of a kind yet wearable as far as structure and example.

The men assortment was exceptionally a la mode and engaging in nature. Men models strolled the incline with expand weaved batik styled shirts matched with jazzy pants finished with fix pockets and gleaming zippers. Fun component of, feminity to male pieces of clothing was given by exhibiting refined botanical printed loose tops combined with tight fitting jeans and capris. The selection of hues was dull jade, beige, blue, darker, saffron and white. Confounded weaving, smocking, appliqué work and shadow work were a vital part of his innovative structuring. The fun component was the point at which the celebrated model turned on-screen character John Abraham strolled the incline with white cloth suit. Along these lines he consented all of inventiveness and excitement perspectives to his assortment which picked up him overwhelming applause by the crowd and showering of red carnations.

Surily Goel

Surily Goel is youthful and skilled originator who even structures for film characters. Her most recent creation on big screen was for entertainer Preity Zinta for the film ‘Jaan-e-Mann’. Her assortment introduced the cheerful and sexy side of ladies’ attire. The current year’s assortment was set apart by knee-length skirts of georgette, sews, chiffon, light silks and organdy, featuring creases and abdomen gathering with glossy silk belts. Additionally single piece bubble outfits made in wide scope of hues and textures. In this present time’s assortment she utilized a greater amount of little hued stones.

The nearness of film characters like Dino Morea, Sonali Bendre, Neelam Kothari, Fardeen Khan, Sameera Reddy and Tara Sharma in the crowd during her assortment put the star component into the show.

Chaitanya Rao

Chaitanya Rao’s assortment resembled early morning breeze with blasting petals of growing roses. The fragile textures like georgette and chiffon gave that attractive female look to her assortment. As her mark, she remembered moth for the type of weaving or appliqué in every last bit of her articles of clothing. The models assumed control over the incline with her hypnotizing female assortment involving stitch pullovers with topic weavings, creased scaled down skirts with batik prints, moth appliqué shirts, since quite a while ago frayed twofold trim dresses, pale dark chiffon tunic, cream shading chiffon bubble dress, dolman sleeved fashionable person shirts, the rundown goes on. To embellish her assortment she utilized slender and wide belts.


Sanchita’s assortment displayed in Lakme Style Week was intense yet wearable. She partitioned her assortment into three sections Punk chic, Copacabana and Swinging deco. The staggering originator bits of two-pieces and pareos, Hawaiian roused kaftans, little inflatable skirts, floaty dresses and minis gave the sentiment of the sea shores of Copacabana, St. Tropez and Riviera to the crowd. Her assortment was very spectacular comprising of outfit like dim Shirts with silver stockings, lycra Shirts having sleeve ornamentations, strapless dresses went with pieces of jewelry, studs and clasps.

The men assortment was set apart by easygoing wear Shirts, poplin pants with point by point weavings and white tuxedo coats.

The pieces of clothing were enriched with semi valuable stones or with alluring patch works. Her line of assortment was commanded by hues like white, apatite, agate, jade, opal and dark onyx. The articles of clothing were decorated with naturally made gems and packs.

Savio Jon

This architect underscored vigorously on the solace factor of the articles of clothing. Savio Jon is outstanding for his basic yet alluring garments lines which are high on esteem and enticing remainder. Dissimilar to different architects he favored his articles of clothing to drape free around the body rather than body embracing/tight fitting garments. He utilized free streaming textures like fish net, mul, chiffon, georgette and crepe.

Pinafore outline, long lean maxis, larger than average shirts, profound scooped armholes, low back and front neck areas, were a few kinds of pieces of clothing he exhibited. In night wear he glamorized the rounded outlines with sparkles. The scopes of hues choosed by him for his assortment were beige, dim, darker, dark, light yellow and white. In this manner the hues were likewise calm and inconspicuous.

Payal Singhal

Payal Singhal just because exhibited her assortment in Lakme Style Week. Her planner assortment for ladies were structured remembering the present working ladies’ needs and solace level. Slick yet reasonable was the key component related with her assortment. She wonderfully utilized cutwork, silk, georgette, jacquard, tulle, cotton, crepe, fabric, brocade and seersucker in club and partywear for dresses and tunics. Her showcase of outfits entrance ramp plunged nimbly from daywear to charming night wear. She began her displaying of plans in shellfish white shading at that point, tea rose, yellow, espresso, watermelon to grapefruit shading. Show of tunics and blousons were combined with melon, gold or silver tights. The mark outfit was the shellfish white kaftan decorated with brilliant weaving.

Sanjay Malhotra

Sanjay Malhotra named his spring/summer 2007 assortment – ‘Dejavu’. The key expression which propelled him for this assortment was – Life through my rose shaded glasses. He as opposed to adhering just to free streaming normal ladylike textures, even tried different things with textures like hide, cowhide, voiles, denim, calfskin and bands which were profoundly engaging the present force stuffed autonomous ladies. The wonderful blend n-match of these textures in calm just as striking hues introduced an assortment that was intense enough yet upscale and wearable. Not many of the numerous outfits showed by him were-ivory shaded mirror coat with chiffon sleeves, brilliant undergarment skirt went with net slip, tunic with hide edge, and so forth. His assortment was for the lady who likes to look for consideration of the group and be extraordinary.

Clive Rundle and Sun Goddess

Clive Rundle and Sun Goddess were two global South African creators who exhibited their assortment at Lakme Design Week. Combination was the key style of their outfits. Unrestrained layered dresses and skirts, coats, evening wear, freely fitted shirts and pants, long covers and tops were a piece of their article of clothing grandstand. Their selections of hues were for the most part creams, fruits, plums, peaches, sapphires, maroons and mauves. The free streaming creased and layered outfits delineated the south African culture and style quintessence through them.

James Ferriera

James Ferriera made his introduction at Lakme Style Week. He named his assortment ‘Bombay Tokyo’. His assortments were roused by Maharashtra’s rich material legacy.

The assortments were isolated into seven fragments which were even named. The sari, a tribute to devnagari, the solid conventional towel, dark enchantment, the sholapur story, warli and diwali were the seven names given to the portions.

Customary warli canvases and paithani themes were done on the garments. Uniquely he changed the conventional types of maharashtrian attire into contemporary structures, similar to nine yard saris were astutely changed over into tunics. Marigold and leaf themes were utilized on dark shirts with cowl necks.

To depict basically his assortment utilized ethnic textures and plans on pieces of clothing with style

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